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The first and final pre-season podcast focusing on the 2011 New York Giants.

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This is a good, not great, group of Defensive Ends this year with possibly four (4) players going in the first round (depending on your thoughts about Florida’s Carlos Dunlap).

The Deep End, by the way, is a movie with Tilda Swinton and the title refers to a gay bar in Reno where her son may or may not be involved in some unfortunate doings.  Like this year’s Defensive End group, it’s a good not great movie, but I’m too tired to come up with a more clever title so why not take a peak at the movies’ trailer.

So since we’re less than a week away from the draft and I’m way behind in my blog posts, why don’t we just watch this highlight clip of Georgia Tech’s Derrick Morgan and then go to the rankings.


One wouldn’t think of BK as a Notre Dame apologist and in reality he’s not.  But he was all over two (2) Notre Dame players prior to the 2005 draft like Robert DeNiro at an all-female NAACP convention.  He championed heavily for Golden Domers Justin Tuck and Ryan Grant that year, but I didn’t see it.  Justin lacked the fire in his belly that I wanted to see in a defensive end and Grant – who absolutely should not have come out a year early coming off of a so-so year – didn’t have pro-running back skills – or so I thought.  But the Giants nabbed Tuck with the 10th pick of the 3rd round and later would sign Grant onto their practice squad after he went undrafted.  And the future proved BK right.  Grant would spend 2 years on the Giants practice squad before being traded to a running back deprived Packer team where he’d become a boarder-line Pro Bowl player.  Meanwhile,  Tuck would show promise right from the start and soon he’d create a very long-lasting and sincere friendship with Lynn Redgrave.


Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech
I really do like Derrick Morgan – he’s an absolute top 10 talent

Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida
More speed than strength, I have my doubts about this Big East dominator – but I can’t rate a USC guy so high and Wooten and Dunlup are probably situational guys so we stick with the flow and put Pierre-Paul at number 2.

Emerson Griffin, USC
Here’s the deal with E.G.  I like him.  I think he looks good.  I think he can play, make an impact and is worth a late 1st.  But the more I do this blog, the more I realize the plethora of underachieving USC guys in the NFL and it’s giving me the heebie jeebies.  That also might be caused by the cupcake I ate at a baby shower earlier today.

Corey Wooten, Northwestern
I like him more than Dunlap as a situational pass rusher who could develop into a 3-down player.  The only thing holding him back is his health, but if he’s good to go I’d pick him.

Carlos Dunlap, Florida
Seems like a nice kid, the kind of guy who you could go to a bar with and he’d get laid and you’d get drunk and stuck with the tab.  But it’s just that lack of maturity that makes me question if he’ll make it in the league.

Alex Carrington, Arkansas State
Another physicals guy with size and strength and not a lot of playing to back it up but I think in the right situation you could find a place for him and besides wasn’t their a TV character named Alex Carrington?  (If you said the Joan Collins character from “Dynasty” you’d be correct.  If you’re a male and you said the Joan Collins character from “Dynasty” you’d also be gay).

Brandon Lang, Troy
The next Derek Ware – if Derek Ware were injury prone and had far less physicals skills.

Ricky Sapp, Clemson
He might turn out to be a very good player.  He was a good player at Clemson, runs fast for DE (4.7 40 at the Combines), pretty strong – but the BK-o-Meter refuses to rate guys named Sapp.

Greg Hardy, Mississippi
Not a bad player and I’ll go to battle with those 35 reps.

Clifton Geather, South Carolina
I’d like to go to battle with Mr. Geather’s 36 reps – except he sort of kinda isn’t a very good player.

Willie Young, North Carolina State
Don’t let the 251 pound frame fool you – at 6’4″ plus he’s got some room to pack on some pounds and he’s got Amy Acuff like hops which could come in handy when it comes to blocking field goal attempts or hopping over a fence while being chased by police after being racially profiled.

Hall Davis, Louisiana-Lafayette
Good 40 time and a first name of “Hall” has the BK-o-Meter soaring.


Back in the late 80’s BK put together a barn-storming basketball team that traveled the parks of New Jersey looking for games and bitches.  He carefully hand-picked his squad – yours truly as the flashy and controversial point guard; Chris Garber as the matinee-idol, ultra-athletic slasher; Gary “Gakula” Gabison as the intimidating enforcer in the paint; and BK himself as the smooth shooting, no defense off guard.  The final piece of the puzzle – and ultimately the downfall of the team – was his selection of Greg Emmanuel as the wide body, low-post scoring and rebounding option.  The Charles Barkley of the team minus the skill, personality, or gambling addiction.  But Emmanuel never gravitated towards the position, preferring instead to toss up ugly 18 foot set-shots and shying away from contact under the basket while losing weight at a rapid pace.   Similar to his namesake, Ole Miss DE Emmanuel Stephens, who at just 247 pounds, is too small to play end in the league and doesn’t really have the frame to pack on much more.  Overmatched and underskilled, Stephens will be a bouncer at a Riverboat Casino before the year ends – but until then he reminds BK of a more innocent time.

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